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Patterns of the world 

Beale's Place | BH2 Leisure Complex

Culture | Heritage | Diversity

11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Explore the different cultures of Bournemouth through creative workshops and live music entertainment with our community stage. 

Be sure to see the incredible carnival procession with costumes by Mahogany Carnival Designs, starting in Old Christchurch road. 


Beale's Place

Put on your most colourful, patterned clothes and get ready to boogy – the Carnival Procession by Mahogany Carnival Designs is back! From 12pm, we'll be taking over Old Christchurch Road and Beale's Place.

Community Stage

Beale's Place

From 11:00 am we'll be showcasing local talent, with music performances from various different cultures. Get your dancing shoes ready!
See our programme below for the finer details so you won't miss a beat.


BH2 Leisure complex

Join us from 11am outside the BH2 Leisure complex for creative workshops inspired by different cultural and traditional crafts. Design your own tote bag, make origami, colour beautiful patterns from around the world, and get henna, and your face painted!


Bringing you bright colours and culture to the streets of Bournemouth! Beautiful costumes by Mahogany Carnival Designs, lively sounds from around the world and a chance to explore art through the lens of different cultures. 

Carnival queen parading in Bournemouth


Carnival  has been celebrated by different countries in different ways around the world throughout history. Yet every carnival brings people together to celebrate through rhythm and movement, with each country making it its own. 
Mahogany Carnival Designs are coming back with their visually stunning large scale costumes that have been designed and created by a group of multi-disciplinary artists. Their work has been featured in Notting Hill Carnival, the London 2012 Olympics and is internationally renowned. 

Founded by Clary Salandy and Michael Ramdeen, the organisation is at the forefront of educating the European communities on the history of Carnival and the Carnival arts. Visit their website to see their magnificent work. 

Join in the carnival fun on Saturday!

Performance time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Start: Old Christchurch road - Beale's Place

Remember last year? 

Watch last years production team who brought you Wonderland Carnival and what the experience meant to them! 

E Latino is a vibrant Bournemouth-based, Latin music band that brings traditional and modern melodies to the stage.
Their performances are bold, infectious and will get everyone dancing salsa, merengue and reggaeton as the performers celebrate their culture and passion. 

Get ready to dance and immerse yourself in the world of Latin music and enjoy the Fiesta!

Performance times: 2:30pm - 3:00pm 

E Latino

Sharon Hubbocks and Tim Henning are a duo that bring you modern and traditional folk music from across different European countries. 

They bring an eclectic range of instruments to give you an authentic feel for the music. They have performed all over the world with appearances at Glastonbury Festival, the Royal Albert Hall, the Green Gathering, Riverside studios and many more.

Performance times: 11:00am - 12:00pm

Gypsy Dreams

Dance has traditionally been an important part of the rich cultural heritage of India. It is a form of creative expression through physical movement that accompany music.

Historically, dance has been used in celebrations and religious observances. Dance in Indian films, like Bollywood Dance for Hindi films, are often noted for freeform expression of dance and hold a significant presence in the popular culture of the Indian subcontinent.

Performance times: 12:30pm - 1:00pm

Bournemouth Bharatanatyam

Mr. Eversley is back bringing authentic Caribbean and Cuban sounds to Bournemouth Town Centre.  The cuban born solo percussion performance brings a lively atmosphere to any party that he is at. 

Taking influence from reggae/ salsa/ afro beats and Soca, his style is fluid and guaranteed to get the crowd going. 

You won't want to miss his live performance!

Performance time: 1:00pm - 1:30pm

Mr. Jorge Eversly

Community Stage


children's workshops, Bournemouth

Outside BH2 Leixure Complex

Be introduced to a variety of cultural craft activities outside BH2 Leisure complex as we run a series of workshops throughout the day. 
With our workshops, you can learn about different cultures in a fun and interactive way. Art has been a universal form of expressing ones culture and  through it, we can delve into the traditions, histories and stories of cultures that are different from ours. 

Activities include print your own tote bag using block print stamps made by AUB students that have been inspired by different traditions. Make your own origami and ribbon wands and take them home with you! Colour in beautiful patterns from around the world, designed by Textiles students and influenced by South Asian artwork. Experience the ancient henna art tattoo or get your face painted!  

Activities will be run throughout the day, with resources available at a first come first served basis. So be sure to come early and enjoy all there is to offer! See you there!

workshop of origami animals
kids workshop of block printed tote bags
hand covered in henna tatoo
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